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Griffins of Dawn
-}GoD{- Griffins of Dawn
History Since 2001
When What
2001 GoD clan founded by Excalibur/Shapeshifter of Austrailia for BZ2 (Battlezone 2).
2001 Other clan leaders during this time include BKerr and GriffinsKnight (Nick Campagnone).
2001 December ThorGoLucky plays multiplayer video games for the first time with RtCW (Return to Castle Wolfenstein) and gets recruited into the GoD clan by ZipCrash.
2002 ThorGoLucky is handed the reins of the GoD clan due to many members splitting with EvilTwinSkippy to an America's Army clan, and the current leader, GriffinsKnight, decided to no longer maintain the clan/site. The new GoD forum becomes located at on a server located at ThorGoLucky's house in Oregon. The ranking system (Griffin, Phoenix, etc.) is dropped, and a hierarchy of divisions and team captains is introduced.
2002 CoolCrippler leads the newly-formed MoH:AA (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) division. The clan grows quickly...too quickly.
2002 Arthas takes over the lead of the MoH:AA division. GoD competes with other clans in OGL (Online Gaming League).
2003 Autumn

Arthas splits from GoD to form the WAR (Warriors Against Reality) clan and takes many MoH:AA members with him for greater competition than GoD was offering at the time.

ThumpeR's account of what happened: Me, Tizzle, and Shizzle caused Arthas (AKA Silence) to leave. Arthas was being a douchebag as normal, so Shizzle (Trevor) teamkilled Arthas. Arthas kicked Shizzle, then Tizzle teamkilled Arthas. Arthas told Thor to kick Tizzle out of the clan or something stupid like that, where Arthas was trying to act GoDlier than he was and thinking he was ranked higher than the almighty (Thor). Every boil on Arthas' face exploded and he grabbed his server, son (Mr. Bob), and cronies and left GoD.

2004 Spring Gunner (Scott Ladouceur) takes over the lead of the MoH:AA division.
2004 Autumn PhoeniX-FlamE (Gal Arbel) and Pyromane (Eric Hardenbol) come back to GoD to restart the BZ2 division.
2005 Summer Lycurgus (Mike Rowley) heads the new BF2 (Battlefield 2) division.
2005 Autumn Dyer (Lee Ladouceur) takes over the lead of the MoH:AA division as Gunner vows to never play it again.
2006 February Gunner again takes over the lead of the MoH:AA division.
2006 June Gunner again steps down from division leadership of the MoH:AA division. Decoy is elected to be the leader of the MoH:AA division.
2006 July Pyromane (Eric Hardenbol) takes over the BZ2 division because PhoeniX-FlamE is too busy. All private BZ2 forum posts are archived and locked so as to have a fresh start.
2006 July Some MoH members split to form their new qp clan. Decoy quits in frustration and hands the MoH leadership baton to Bushman.
2006 September Pro-Boner heads the new Guild Wars division.
2006 September Dr. Grinspoon (Jeremy Waite) heads the America's Army division but it ends up not going anywhere.
2006 October Longtime member and friend, Gunner, leaves GoD for the Area 51 MoH clan. Bushman steps in.
2006 November Pro-Boner passes the Guild Wars GoD guild to Thor. Thor gives Hitler's Evil Hamster (Anton Kroupa) the GoD division leadership position.
2006 December BBR (Big Bear Ranger) takes the lead of the MoH:AA division.
2006 December Dr. Grinspoon heads the new Savage division.
2007 Summer Not much activity in the GoD clan. While there's always a lull when Spring comes around, activity usually returns in the Summer.
2007 September Gunner returns to the GoD clan and helps revive the MoH:AA division. Many members return to activity. Gunner staves off a relentless bot attack from Riskyshot/Communist, a first class dick who was so clueless as to believe that his purchase of the game gave him the right to do whatever he wanted in our rented server.
2007 September GoD changes voice chat software to Ventrilo after using TeamSpeak for years.
2007 September Lycurgus hands the reins of the long-quiet Battlefield 2 division to SassyGrass.
2007 December SassyGrass was caught cheating in Medal of Honor and got kicked out of the clan.
2007 December Emerica (August King) is elected as the new MoH:AA division leader.
2008 August Xendependent is elected as the new MoH:AA division leader.
2009 January Thor was about to retire the MoH:AA division due to lack of nominations after Xendependent stepped down, but Dark Lotus stepped up and was elected 8-0-0 (8 Dark Lotus, 0 someone else, 0 none of the above).
2009 February After seven years of ups and downs, explosive growth and near death, fun and frustration, the GoD Medal of Honor: Allied Assault division has come to a quiet end.
2009 March Star (Danny Jonkman) takes over the Command & Conquer division from Ekse.
2009 Summer Ice-Cold (Ilkka Kariniti) forms and heads the World in Conflict division.
2010 February Due to ever slowing forum traffic and ThorGoLucky wanting to spend more time and energy elsewhere, he announces the retirement of the Griffins of Dawn clan. GoD 2001-2010, almost ten years!
2010 February GL!TCH3R creates the GoDz clan at for the MoH:AA game.
2010 September GriffinsKnight retakes the crown as GoD leader and creates a new forum at starting with the game of Bad Company 2.
2012 October ThorGoLucky resurrects the old forum complete with old posts at Does not include MoH:AA posts that were deleted by then MoH:AA leader Dyer after his Great Purge in December 2005.
2017 June ThorGoLucky retires the forum.

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